Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update on Choya - February 17

Choya went for a longer walk at the park this aftenoon. About 25 minutes. He seems to have improved a little more.

Last night he attempted to climb the stairs. He went up 2 steps, faltered and slid down a bit. He seemed very determined in giving it a try. Three weeks ago he would not have attempted this "big step". It is quite apparent that he is not giving up!


  1. Sent to My Email.

    Congratulations I'm so happy Choya is having a better day and feeling well enough to try the stairs again. And thank you for shearing the story with me and everyone else.

    S & B

  2. Sent to My Email

    Hi Peter... It is an encouraging sign to see that Choya appears to be improving day by day! Keep the faith, my friend. Who knows, I'm not a doggie psychologist... but maybe he's a bit down because of his retirement status?

    S. (USA)

  3. Dear Peter,
    Let's hope that Choya will soon smell the spring air and find new energy to carry on. It's hard to see your best friend have health problems espically when you feel so helpless. I must say that I agree with the previous post, perhaps his retirement took his sense of purpose and that's why he isn't doing so well right now.

    Take care and keep us posted on his progress. We are all rooting for him.


Thank You for Visting Choya’s Den

Choya, thank you for the timeless journey we took together and the many memories. Until we meet again my friend.

In October 2005 at the age of 6, Choya was trained and certified as a service dog for Peter. Choya retired in December 2008 and he passed the leash to Kiche to become Peter’s new service dog.

Choya became ill in February 2009 and in July after a heroic battle with his illness, he passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Choya will be greatly missed by Peter and by the many who knew him.