Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update 0n Choya - March 15

Choya’s vet made a referral to a vet/acupuncturist and on Thursday, we took Choya to see him for a one-hour consultation and treatment.

The vet inserted a number of needles into Choya from his head to his tail on either side of his spine and they remained inserted for 20 minutes.

We started to notice a change in Choya around 8 PM. He became more active and when he was let outside with the other “kids”, he raced them to the back fence. He had not run that fast for a couple of months.

When he returned inside, he looked longingly at the stairs and went up two steps. He started to go up the next step, but changed his mind and came back down to the hallway.

Choya goes back for another treatment next week. It was wonderful to see him a little more like himself.


  1. I think its so wonderful that your giving your all to one who has given yu his.. I What a special person and dog you are..hehe.. That doesn't sound right, but think ya prob know what i mean. Thanks for keeping us informed over on the psds site.. Im always so happy to hear... jmk and noWell

  2. Peter thats great news mate!!! You dont know just how happy I am for you, I still miss Teddy like crazy and even to this day shed a tear or 2 everyday for my old mate.




Thank You for Visting Choya’s Den

Choya, thank you for the timeless journey we took together and the many memories. Until we meet again my friend.

In October 2005 at the age of 6, Choya was trained and certified as a service dog for Peter. Choya retired in December 2008 and he passed the leash to Kiche to become Peter’s new service dog.

Choya became ill in February 2009 and in July after a heroic battle with his illness, he passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. Choya will be greatly missed by Peter and by the many who knew him.